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B. L. D.: The final lesson
It was nearly a week before Christmas, that time when most people are finishing their last minute shopping and putting the final touch on decorations. In the town of Sickerson, most people were indoors close to their fires and enjoying the snowfall outside, which had already promised a heavy fall, and enjoying the beautiful night sky, still partially visible in patches where the clouds had cleared. Just outside the town was a farm. The Bauer family lived on that farm, and had since Colonial Bauer had settled their after the American Civil war, and at this moment the youngest member of that family, a seventeen year old boy named Tod, was arguing with a seven foot tall skeleton on an ash-gray horse.
"You're out of your mind if you think I'm going to do that." said Tod glaring up at his grandfather.
"Oh I am positive that you will do it. In fact, I KNOW you will. Your father and I have spoken on the matter thoroughly and he agreed." he replied, "You will perform my duty for one week."
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LustMania: The Olympics Vs. Evil Pony
:icondragonhiplz: Hi there and AlSalam Alaiykoom .... :iconiseethatthereplz: I finally managed to make this part of LustMania .... :iconimanimeplz: this part has a number of symbolic events .... :iconalaughplz:   I hope you read, enjoy and learn (Whispers hopes so too)
Chapter One:  The note that changed it all
Place: DA World, LustMania mansion
Time: early morning
(((one month earlier))), the dark-skin lusty doctor was walking her way to Demonica's room ,,, feeling joly and saying hi to other girls .....
:icondemon8eye:DeMoN8EyE 1 3
"Step into the world of Panrue, Where the pilgrim is involuntary pushed from the path of a promise to fulfil a superior calling. Follow the dark isolated fantasy adventure as it twists and turns down into the silent obscurity of the void, could this be the pilgrims path after all?"
Act: 01 – Passage to the Depths
I just find time to scribe my endeavors before my next departure, I now forcefully sit in the depths of an emotionless cave by candlelight after I was chased by the viscous wolvines that infamously plague these lands. It's true, the power of a wolvines jaw is so great it can crush a man's armor, but luckily wolvines are not very fast like there ancient cousin, the werewolves, but they can smell the fear and sweat as it drips down onto this frayed parchment. I still cannot move until they have gone, I presume they can wait longer than I, for I am their prey.
I had managed to crawl into a hole on the mountainside but I had lost most of my belongings d
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A Raven at Hogwarts
As usual Platform 9¾ was crowded with witches and wizards of various ages. The scarlet steam engine the Hogwarts express was pouring out steam making it difficult to see too far away, but the young man standing next to the train didn't need his eyes to know that his friends were close or that his mother was anxious at his leaving as usual
"Be sure to write me every week to know how you're doing Shane." said Mrs. Talbot.
The young wizard sighed but said nothing knowing that his mother needed to carry out this ritual so that she might feel better. Most people who looked at Shane Talbot wouldn't have thought he cared about his mother's wellbeing, but then those people only saw his looks. His was fairly tall, only slightly above average, with raven black hair and golden eyes and with his pale skin which was constantly cold many thought him handsome and still others thought him a vampire.
"Don't worry Mum. I'll be sure to write every week I'll even send you some sweets from Hogsmeade w
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Mature content
Jack and the Dragon :iconalleluia00:Alleluia00 6 40
My name is Alleluia
I am the light that brightens the dark. I am a beacon of hope for the weak and a rallying point for the strong. I am a nightmare for the wicked and the slayer of the devil. I travel in dark places with a sword in my hand, angels at my back, and God's word on my lips to slay those who have known not God's love...God. I fight because I fear not death for death is not but the final road. My name is Alleluia and I bring light to the dark.
:iconalleluia00:Alleluia00 7 54
MY question to God
Why has God chosen to no longer listen to me? Was it my arrogance or has he never truly cared? I believe that though God loves me still he thinks that I no longer need him and that I can stand on my own two feet. If that is so then I think he unfair for a child will always need their parent. And if God will no longer answer I still believe that he listens. But my question to God is this. If you truly care at all then why do you no longer listen?
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The first Werewolf
Long ago in the land of undying snow, there was a barbarian village. The village was cursed by the death of its villagers at the hands of a witch. One day after the fifth death, the village leader decided that the strongest warrior would go and hunt the witch. They held a tournament to decide who had the honor to face the demon. After two days, it was decided that a younger warrior named Heldgig would be the one to claim her head. Heldgig was advised by the shamans of his tribe that no armor would protect him from the witch and that it was better to leave it behind. So taking only his sword and enough provisions to last three days, he set out on his hunt. On the second day of his search, he discovered a wolf in a hunters trap. At first he decided to kill it as he needed the extra food but then noticing it's spirit and desire to live he calmed the beast then set it free from the trap. After it was freed, the wolf simply stared at him and he said to it
"Run free. A warrior like you deser
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Mercy Kakashi,....Mercy part 2
Naruto looked away and Kakashi thought he saw acceptance in his eyes
'So it's come to this.' Kakashi thought, 'Even Naruto has given up. This means that I can't loose my nerve.'
He raised his kunai knife and hesitated over Sasuke's heart for only an instant before he struck, but that instant was just long enough for Naruto to get between the two. The kunai easily pierced threw the soft skin, muscle, and bone. Kakashi stood looking horrified at what he had done watching Naruto lie there over Sasuke's body, bleeding to death. He dropped the kunai and moved to Naruto moving him off of Sasuke and keeping pressure on the wounds
"Naruto you idiot why?!" Kakashi shouted near panic
Naruto simply stared up at Kakashi and smiled "It's my ninja way to save my friends."
He groaned softly and tensed as a spasm of pain coursed threw his body. Using his sharingan Kakashi can see that he severed Naruto's chakra pathway system; even the kyubi's chakra could not heal him if it cannot reach the wound
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Cry out Havoc
To cause pain and bring suffering, that is what it means to be a chaos. Havoc had been told those words every day since he was old enough to remember. But he had never viewed it that way, the way Havoc saw it being a chaos meant that you could walk the wheel of life whatever way you wanted. So while his brothers had done what all the others at the monastery had done what they were told to do Havoc had done whatever it was he wanted. And when he turned thirteen they had all seen that not only was he a true disciple of Chaos he was Chaos itself.  The elders had attempted to use him as their weapon but he would never allow himself to be controlled by anyone for that was the true meaning of Chaos to do what you wanted when you wanted just because you felt like it. It's true meaning was to be free. So using his powers of Chaos he warped reality and left this world to go and explore new ones. And because of his god-like powers he would never age and would only grow as old or as you
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The Prince Armand part two
He flashed me one of his ambiguous smiles that could mean wither I was being praised or dammed. "My son the prince has returned. Welcome home Armand. Tell us have you learned what it is like to live amongst the  Chattel known as humans.?" I scowled at the way he spoke of humans but I said nothing knowing that what would happen, no what had to happen would be difficult enough without his beginning with hostility "Yes  father I have learned what it is like to live amongst human and it confirms what I already knew. That the teaching of you and my masters are wrong." The silence that followed my words struck with all the weight of an iron hammer and Tiberius glared at me with such intensity I thought that I would burst into flames. "What did you say?" I spoke to everyone in the room but looked only at Tiberius because he would be the only one I would have to fear "Fellow vampires I have lived amongst humans, and elves, and dwarfs, and many other races in my time amongst
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Mercy Kakashi,....Mercy
Cracks split the Earth, smoke rolled into the sky. Two ninja stood facing each other panting heavily. Their eyes bleed from over use of their sharingan and their vision blurred from sweat but still they are determined to fight.
"Who would have thought?" thought Kakashi "That the little Uchiha punk who was like my little brother would become this strong...or this warped."
They had fought an epic battle and Kakashi had been forced to use his full power just to make it this far in the fight, but he knew that Sasuke was worse off than he was because he was already weak from his fight with Madara but in his arrogance, he thought that he could still take on Kakashi.
"Well Kakashi?" Sasuke panted "Are you just going to stand there looking at me with that stolen sharingan or are we going to finish this?"
'Typical.' thought Kakashi 'Even after being beaten half to hell he still has the nerve to act so superior.'
"This is your last chance Sasuke. Surrender or die."  
Sasuke's only resp
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Armand the half-vampire prince
I still dream about that night six years ago when I walked away from all that I knew all for the sake of my beliefs.  But then I suppose some memories can never fade, especially the ones that make us who we are.
I returned back to the castle, and only now do I realize that I had never thought of it as home, filled with both determination and fear. I was about to risk pain and perhaps death all for the sake of a belief. The guards meet me at the gates and bowed their heads as they are meant to do for the prince of the vampire city and led me to the throne room to meet with the dark king Tiberius Valcruze, my father, who though always abided by the law was know for a volatile temper. I remember keenly the feel of my sword on my left hip, Soul-Eater, the same one I carry now and how though it was nearly as long as I was tall it weighed next to nothing in my powerful arms or when it rested in it's sheath. We entered the throne room and it was filled with vampires. Guards and nobl
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Crimson Kiss - Chapter 1
"So…" Eva began. "I've heard rumors that she has been located." She went across the room to come face to face with me. "She has been right in front of our noses this entire time. True, no?"
"She has."
She sighed and mumbled something in Swedish. "Well, there isn't much we can do now. How did you find her?"
"Last night, during my hunt, I came across an aura, much stronger than you could possibly believe. For a human."
Eva made gestures with her hands. "Go on."
"And that was when I saw it with my own eyes. A fully grown man tried to attack her, but she stared up at him and he fled. At first I just thought that maybe she was wearing Halloween contact lenses, but when she met my gaze…" My voice trailed off.
"She made you feel vulnerable, yes?" Eva asked.
"More like scared to death. And she was a mortal. It didn't make sense until I put two and two together."
"Interesting. Do you think she will remember you? Your looks, that is."
I lifted my shoulder in a casual shrug. "Who knows,
:iconandarana:Andarana 2 4
Crimson Kiss - Chapter 2
As I dropped the human on the ground, I made sure that my fangs weren't showing. If so, I would have freaked the female out and I would never be able to do my job.
Although the male had been close to doing what he had planned, she was breathing in a normal pace. Like she had forgotten what had just happened. Maybe she was stronger than we had anticipated.
"Are you okay?" I asked and turned to face her. The blond female shocked me. I had seen her the night before, but she had truly looked like a killer then. Now, I saw her for what she truly was – an innocent, young girl who clearly was not aware of her power over people around her. With a heart shaped face, a cute nose, full lips and charming grey eyes, this female turned out to look almost exactly as one I had known a long time ago.
The female made sure her jacket was on right and grabbed her bag from the ground. "I'm okay." Her voice surely did match her face, sweet and innocent, with a tad of mystery in it. "Thank you," she tol
:iconandarana:Andarana 1 2
Crimson Kiss - Prologue
Feeding was the easiest part at first. Even though I never considered myself a killer before my new life, I still enjoyed the taste of fresh and warm blood on my tongue.
At that time I did not know that the sooner my life ran away, the sooner I would become the monster that I had long feared. I told myself everything would go back to normal. I would be able to go back to my old life, spend time with my family.
But in this new life, I came to know that "family" was just another haunted word, such as "love" and "compassion". I had to give them up. My children would never know what happened to their father. My wife would never know where I had gone. In a way, I was glad. I never wanted my family to see this new façade.
I became the empty shall that they had warned me about. Hollow and empty of emotions. I never dared to say the haunted words again.
But then we found her.
:iconandarana:Andarana 9 6
Life goes fast,
Like a dog on ice.
Life goes fast,
And so does the lives of friends.
Life goes fast,
Like the feeling of love.
Life goes fast,
So never waste it.
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